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Is it just me, or did the first minute or so give off some serious Mighty Morphing Power Rangers vibes?
Doesn't Rita Repulsa have the exact same backstory?

Lan14n responds:


A lot of the text was cut off of the screen, there is that obnoxious water mark in the center of the video, and it just generally lacks the polish. You should try to go over it again, and fix a lot of the obvious issues before you re-upload it. It does seem like you've put effort into this, but in my opinion you're not quite done yet, and as it currently is, I don't think its ready to be on newgrounds. Sorry man, but I'm going to have to blam this for now, with a little extra work it could easily get on the site though so don't give up.

MC-Skeptik responds:

Thank you for the honest response :)

Well, I can see that you tried putting a little effort into the lip syncing, but the first three thought bubbles are unreadable, there is a long pause where the video cuts to white and the song keeps playing and then it loops over again playing another song on top of the first unfinished one. I'm pretty sure I gave your other flash a pretty low rating last night as well, I know you've put effort into this, but its certainly not a finished project yet, and its not really worth having uploaded to newgrounds, sorry guy. Just, newgrounds isn't for EVERY flash you ever do, and the things I've seen you uploading sort of look more like tests and practice flashes.

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While this certainly is a functioning Jigsaw puzzle, I feel like since the game is fairly simple, it could have used a few basic additions, things like a timer and maybe a grid on the background as an option.
I also get the feeling that you may have other puzzle games like this one up on newgrounds, in which case I would maybe recommend just adding multiple picture options to each puzzle instead of uploading each one separately.
That being said, this is a solid puzzle simulator, and I don't really have much to complain about. I like the fact that you can choose how many pieces you want to play with, and the snap in function works pretty well. It is still pretty bare bones though, and I would have liked to have seen more pictures as an option.

IQpied responds:

I very much appreciate your detailed overview. Yes, I have other jigsaw puzzles with many more options and images (5 to be precise). Made this one only to play around with the working space and hear your feedback. Want to keep the size of the game 800x600 and image 600x400. To implement the full menu I need a lot of space. Now looking towards a drop down menu with all options and many images.

Thank you for the comment !

Wheres Blik?

Why would you remake Skii free without blik? If anything you should have added blue blik.

Zoranan responds:

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that this is still a work in progress... I told Chris that I wanted to make this over a year ago, but I wasn't able to. Now that my flash skills improved I was able to make it. I uploaded it early so that Chris could get a look at it... I DO plan on adding blik

I had fun with this

it was fun. i can see myself playing this once in a while while i wait for other things to load.

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Holy shit

This song..something about it. It feels Rusty, Industrial, im not sure what it is but i really like it. Makes me feel like laughing but not for any humorous reason.
Its a very interesting sound, kudos.


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